Eye Health and Drinking Water Supply at Geta Eye Hospital, Nepal

The Geta Eye Hospital is a service oriented, charitable eye care center located in the far western region of Nepal. It was established in 1982 to reduce the burden of blindness and visual impairment through preventive, promotive, and curative eye care programs in the region.

In addition to  providing eye care services at the base hospital, it also provides  eye care services in the community through its primary eye care centers, free mobile surgical eye camps, screening camps, school screening programs and promoting eye health education through basic eye care training to school teachers, community health workers, and volunteers in all districts of this region.

during_very_busy_time eye_camp GEH

In 2014, Geta Eye Hospital installed, with Friends Foundation International support, a deep tube well with hand pumps at  12 locations within the hospital premises to increase the accessibility of water for drinking and sanitation. This will be helpful to maintain the individual hygiene of the patients and sanitation within the premises. Altogether, 12 hand pumps were placed in the patients’ waiting area, toilets, and wards.